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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

16 Last Call: Side Effects -- Depression Hurts

Side Effects -- Depression Hurts
                         (Nothing Can Help--Save a Coin Toss I'm Not Willing to Call)

with every breath of air, I suffocate;
there's no magic bottle of air for me,
just a bottle full of pills
                            of pills.

pills promising paradise
      where lungs are free to inhale unhindered
one where there's no need for them to function at all.

so I opt to suffocate--
to feel my lungs seared with each gulp of air,
for I fear breathing just as much
as death.

An Aside:  Okay, so after the first line came to me (having recently watched the Lorax), the idea of air being bottled seemed like a natural line.  From there...well there is no magic bottle of air, but there are bottles of pills.  I have seen the commercial for the drug (I'm sure I don't need to tell you which one) and have always found listening to the disclaimer, "if...., contact your doctor immediately."  My favorite side effect (if you didn't figure it out from above) for an anti-depressant is that it may increase suicidal thoughts and desires.

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  1. Great poem and I loved hearing your reading it. Excellent.

  2. oy...i think meds are ok, if controlled...i have seen it help....but then again i have seen over medicated kids in zombie state as well...the side affects on many of these seem far worse than the symptoms....

  3. pills promising paradise.. it seems odd that the side effects for anti-depression pills are suicidal thoughts..ugh...

  4. Sometimes the side effects are far worse than the reason for needing them.
    I enjoyed hearing your read this too :)

  5. Wow, this is a heavy one. And it seems so real, given the high incidence of depression this time of the year.

  6. Depression hurts...powerful write.

  7. Yes, I have seen the disclaimers on television. I keep thinking even if the possibilities of wonderful things are there, who would EVER want to risk those side effects!!! But yes, depression can be really weighty, especially now when one thinks it should be the happiest time.

  8. Yeah those side effects truly suck, can't really say they are worth it sometimes, but then sometimes they do help, all a question of how much I suppose.

  9. Such a razor's edge for some, between depression and the side effects of the meds. You portrayed that so well here.

  10. It is ironic that the thing that should save you, may ultimately mean your death. Nicely said and I enjoyed listening to the reading.

    I enjoy following many of the dverse poets-Brian, Pat, Heaven and it's a pleasure to make the acquaintance of another.

  11. I've had struggles with depression and you have captured the feeling well here. I recently watched the Lorax too and your reference to bottle of air brought it to mind right away.

  12. The reality is that those pills really don't work...more and more we become dependent on them, but they are not effective in dealing with depression and anxiety ~

    This is a good one ~

  13. Well, since I don't live in the US, we don't get those commercials, but I can hear them already. It is seems kind of contradictory doesn't it? I liked where you went with the line and on. Thanks so much for commenting on my poem.


  14. Such a complicated situation. I think you make some pretty apt analogies. k.

  15. I hear you! DOn't get me started on pills! Good write!

  16. Weighty words here, imitating the way depression presses the air from the lungs. Fine work!