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Friday, November 30, 2012

6 Can I Have This Dance?: We Feel So Good

Title:  Reunited
Artist:  Peaches & Herb
Album:  The Best of Peaches & Herb
Genre:  R&B/Soul

We Feel So Good

I let you go before I realized
we were pieces of the same puzzle;
so perfectly we fit together.

I long to once again be close to you,
feel the contours of your smooth curves
brush up against my own.

You are the dream
I never knew I wanted--needed--
until you were gone.

Our foolishness has passed
and now all I wish for is you
to love me and hold me tight.


  1. nice...the first two lines make a great hook...sadly we all too often realize in the after....and dont always get second chances...

  2. Nice one...Last line said it all

  3. oh heck...made me so sad...sometimes we make our decisions and realize only afterwards what a mistake it was.. hope they get a second chance..

  4. Aww... How sad. Sometimes we let someone go and realise all too late that we shouldn't have and then there's no going back.
    Heartfelt piece.
    That's a great song too.

  5. I really feel the heartbreak in this, well done.