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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I usually put my ramblings at the end, but....

An Aside:  So here again is what happens when Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>clench(ed), faint, prod] meets the last Wednesday of the month...a clarity pyramid.  I got stuck on the idea of using prod like a cattle prod; it took quite some effort with a lot of scribblings and extra lines with syllables that didn't fit right, and in the end while I kept some of the ideas that blossomed from this I ended up not using prod in that manner.  


the smell of burnt hair
was faint as electro-
shocks coursed through his clenched body

"prod into a violent fit."

An(other) Aside:  This is an example where multi-syllable words take a bit away from the visual "pyramid-ness" of this form.


  1. ugh on the electro shocks....shivers...we were talking about capital punishment today in world history because we are talking about all the beheadings of english monarchs...

  2. It wasn't the jerk i expected..and i love that..and always love the idea of a clarity pyramid..jae

  3. you can actually cringe and feel the prod with this one

  4. It's obvious how you drifted into this from thoughts of cattle prod. Great work--every time you do one of these clarity forms, I think I would like to try it.