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Friday, July 27, 2012

0 Can I Have This Dance?: Where are You?

Title:  Everything Good
Artist:  Ashes Remain
Album:  What I've Become
Genre:  Christian & Gospel

Notes:  Switched genres one again with this weeks installment of CIHTD?  I admit that while I listen to a nice array of genres, Christian was not one of them.  It is not a genre I have really ever been exposed to.  A couple of months ago, while driving home I was flipping through the radio stations and came across this song.  I honestly didn't know its genre at the time, but the song just stuck with me.

Where are you?
lungs crush in on me
as my thoughts fight to breathe
i long for you to help me find my breath
the world disappears beneath me
as upside down i float away
lost in this tirade of thoughts and emotions
i’m terrified you might 
not find me

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