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Friday, April 22, 2011

2 Old Magic

i'm not sure what possessed me to take up the challenge presented at One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically, especially at such a late hour when sleep whispers sweet nothings to my eyelids.  to make matters worse, i only used words from the list (did not add any extras...though it would have made things much easier) and no more than the number of times they were listed.  this held true for the title as well.  i did allow myself the liberty of changing the endings of words (e.g. dance =>danced; rain => raining; etc.).  i apologize ahead of time if this make no sense.

Old Magic

i drank in whispers
sweet sounds
carried from the moon

soon sleep took me

teardrop dreams danced
raining balloons
only to pooled
near my true love


  1. wow, you rocked the challenge...i was trying to do the same with hard but you made it look effortless...this was a heartwarming and fun write...thanks for joining in...i am glad you did.