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Monday, April 18, 2011

6 Hats Off Apologies

Monkeys with pocketbooks
Monkeys in top hats
Hats with feathers
Hats with big bows
Bows on presents
Bows in my hair
Hair done up in pigtails
Hair dye
Dye for easter eggs
Dye for t-shirts
T-shirts with funny sayings
T-shirts with a butterfly
Butterfly wings
Butterfly kisses
Kisses that seduce
Kisses that tickle
Tickle my feet
Tickle my toes
Toes digging into the sand
Toes painted red
Red fire engines
Red candied apples
Apples for dunking
Apples for pie
Pie filled with blackbirds
Pies filled with blueberries
Blueberries with little crowns
Blueberries staining my lips
Lips glossed with lipstick
Lips kissed raw
Raw meat
Raw feelings that bubble within
Within a hair's-breadth
Within the beat of a heart
Heart full of joy
Heart burdened with sadness
Sadness which is fleeting
Sadness that consumes
Consumes all in sight
Consumes every day and night
Night filled with passion
Night free of dreams
Dreams open the subconscious
Dreams of fields of flowers
Flowers tucked behind my ear
Flowers full of apologies
Apologies met with forgiveness
Apologies show remorse

Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck ["these are a few of my favorite things"] inspired me to try a new form...above is known as a blitz poem. i'm certain that some of my favorite things are twisted up in the poem above. it was an interesting write...not really something you can predict...more of something you just go with the flow of...


  1. This is so beautiful!!!
    I loved the beautiful expression of such wonderful things.. can I have that Pie filled with blueberries please?

    Hugs xx

  2. I think Vinay did this form as well. NICE WORK! enjoyable :)

  3. rich words....

    magical party favors.
    love it.


  4. Very neat format. I think this worked best when it was images, before it wandered into less concrete areas. It made for a sort of melting pot of ideas that cohered to form an interesting whole.

  5. lovely.. my potluck..

  6. wonderful! I like it!