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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20 silent screams

i have an affinity, or so it seems,
for torturing myself with hopes and dreams;
so i do my best to tuck them away,
never mention them, or put them on display.
i have this insane apprehension--this fear
that failure is all i will ever hear;
and so i wish to fall flat on my face in secrecy
for fear they would think less of me.
i understand that logic would have me share
so they may hold my hand and show me they care;
but alas, i find myself suffering alone
fidgeting in anticipation that is all my own.
i am bound by this crux of hopes and dreams,
that echo in my mind with silent screams.

inspired by my current state of mind (which i'd much rather forget) and by Three Word Wendesday [3WW=affinity, fidget, mention].


  1. Let those screams out once in a while on paper..and never abandon those hopes and dreams..Jae

  2. Beautifully expressed anguish and agonizing torment!! Don't bury in secrecy but have a good loud scream, it helps!! :)

  3. Really well written ... I felt it.

  4. That alone speaks for thousands of people that never get to realize their hopes and dreams. Let it out and keep going. Don't stop.

  5. Sheilagh Lee said:I think we all feel this way but don't stop with your hopes and dreams. Judt keep going and achieve them and then you can laugh at those who didn't encourage you.

  6. I echo the thoughts already shared...

    Well written angst!


  7. We all fall flat on our faces 'in secrecy' and you penned the feeling well.

  8. Love those last two lines! Hope things get better for you soon!

  9. Most of us have been to that place in our lifetime. Failure can be just so close to success that we keep on trying. Great rhythm in this poem.

  10. Nicely written. Dare to dream, hope for the best & Be positive.

  11. hey..sometimes I have the fear what you call as silent screams have put them in the right place..well written

  12. The structure and order of rhyme and meter is a great contrast to the content. Once again, you have expertly captured strong feelings so your readers may experience them as well.

  13. I feel the silent scream in your words here.
    well done...

    Happy Thursday.

  14. This is quite smooth and I love how it flows... I've never heard of 3 word Wednesday. Might have to give it at try.

  15. we all sometimes have that fears..but we sud try to relaese them instead of building it up inside until we explode...

  16. I hope you're feeling better now! That was one fine vent-out post.
    Thanks for your visit to my space :)

  17. Share- you will definitely feel better. Great rhythm to this poem.

  18. very well expressed emotions in this.

  19. It's good that you can lay it down here - well said :)