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Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 a real superpower

He watched her carefully
and wondered
how no one else saw it
it didn't take someone with superpowers
like him
to see the truth that took shape
before his eyes
Sure he was a superhero
man of Kevlar
they sometimes called him
steel being taken by Superman
iron being owned by Iron Man
bulletproof belonging to a long line of monks
regardless the dorky title
his speed could not be match and
his strength could not be equaled
but she had something far greater
something so amazing
that she was his crux
his Louis Lane
his Meredith McCall
his Jade
regardless her perceived lack of superpower
she could soothe a crying child
she could bring a smile to the saddest of hearts
she could heal the soul of those she touched
the truth of the matter was
she had the most amazing superpower of all
her heart
and with it
she had managed to uncover his Achilles' heel
and steal his heart

this tale was inspired by Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck [Cartoons, Sci-fi, and Super Powers].  if it isn't obvious i spoke to the superpower part of the theme.  first i thought i might write about a super power i would like to have, but i guess somewhere in there i kind of thought that in a way, we all have buried within us an amazing superpower that has the potential to heal those around us...if we choose to use it that is...


  1. ode to the womenfolks! nice! here's my potluck..

  2. women power...amazing take on the theme..
    Here is my potluck:

  3. woooooot! A woman's touch is better than midas' touch! :)

  4. Very cute and sweet! I was trying to guess the ending as you built up the poem. well written!

  5. smiles. yeah the superpower of love and the whiles of women...get you every time...

  6. Every womans heart has the power to heal...Nice! ~.^ Helena

  7. brilliant...
    your words are full of wisdom.
    lovely take.


  8. Oooohhh... loved this one, and I totally share your sentiment here.. heheh

    A woman's heart holds more power than any superhero's superpowers! :)

  9. Very sweet! The power of a woman's heart can capture any "superhero." Maybe, the power of a woman's heart makes the man into a superhero?

  10. Ahh, the ghost in the shadows steals his soul! It was the girl in the dress at the coffee counter...very nice read!