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Monday, February 28, 2011

2 frazzled ('cause i already used befuddled)...

this whole tanka/haiku thing has me spinning in circles...add to it kyoka and senryu and well i'm so frazzled...

the two poem pivot of the tanka has me somewhat disconnected.  the 5-7-5 but doesn't have to be 5-7-5 haiku bit has me in a bit of tizzy.  the anti-tanka mad song/poem better known as a kyoka is well rather unknown.  and it would really help if i had a better handle on satirical and irony 'cause otherwise the senryu is just human-nature as apposed to nature-nature.  of course there's the you-really-don't-get-this-form poem, also known as free verse.

i have no idea what's what.  a strict syllable count and inherent theme seem so much easier.  why do things have to get complicated?  how 'bout we just call it a poem?  so do i just give up, write what's in me and not care if it hits the mark?  or do i do my best to hit the mark and search out the answers and advice?

feel free to chime in at anytime here....

Tanka, Kyoka, or Free Verse?

close your eyes my sweet
taste the delicate flavor
my lips offer you
sugary sweetened remnants
taste succulent on the tongue

she defied reason
by not falling for his game
capturing his heart
she stole his play book with ease
and played him at his own game

Haiku, Senryu, or Free Verse?

waters rise
trespassing in homes
melting snow

it was the deers fault
he don't need to read to see
'tis a duck cross here


  1. A poem by any other name??? I, too , get frazzled (very good word), when trying to decide - is it haiku, tanka, senru?
    Whatever they are, I enjoyed your four poems. My favorite is the first one. I can close my eyes and imagine that kiss.

  2. I like them all...the last one made me chuckle, cute...

    I am only learning and beginning to experiment with these forms so my thoughts are that the first two are tanka, the third is haiku and the fourth is senryu (how'd I do? :)