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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 perfectly still

he sits perfectly still
watching and waiting
he laughs inside
as they marvel at him
so real
like a delicate flower
so perfect
it must be fake
their fingers itch
to reach out and touch
their need for confirmation
evident in their beady eyes
instead they just stare
at his stone cold face
then walk away
he finds they rarely
look close enough
for if they did
they'd surely see
the truth they seek
in the black coals of his eyes
he sits perfectly still
like the statue beneath him
watching and waiting
to bestow his gift
of luck
on someone
who truly
sees him

Photo by James Rainsford

as i marveled at this image from One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with James Rainsford], i could help but notice how perfect the bird's color was for camouflaging with the stone statue he is about ready to depart.  and so the poem above took flight (sorry, i couldn't help myself).  


  1. Very well done. I like how you blurred the line between real and statue. Built up nicely and surprised me. A great challenge response!

  2. oh i like the mysticism of this...oh if only...i am going to be touching birds for weeks after

  3. Enjoyed your take.. it is uncanny how the colouring does make one believe they are of the same material.

  4. great One Shoot! and isn't it a beautiful bird! ♥ dani

  5. A very original take on the image. I too was struck by the amazing colour similarity here between the gull and the statue. Even as I took the shot I was aware of the almost perfect colour match. It occurs because the gull is a juvenile who's not yet fully developed the brilliant white feathers of a fully mature bird.
    Thanks for sharing, James.