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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

9 choose your weapon

the gauntlet has been thrown
but this is no duel at twenty paces
with pistols meant to be drawn
no--this is a volley of words
slung back and forth
drawing your gaze
from one to the other
keeping you on the edge of your seat
wondering who will win
there is no judge--no jury
no bloody death to decide the victor
their weapons clash unhindered
growing louder and louder
with every strike that hits home
their dual voices blend together
until one is indistiguishable from the other
their faces an identical shade
as they hit the final crescendo
and then
utter silence permeates the air
the room holds its breath
finally they accept defeat
turn and walk away
their wounds concealed
deep within their hearts

this morning i read Three Word Wednesday's words [3WW=>dual, identical, volley], then tucked them away for later.  upon later thoughts, i admit that the wrong word popped into my mind.  i had the first four lines before an inkling set in that something seemed off.  the word was not duel, but dual.  by that time, i was committed; i liked the thoughts that were rolling around in my head.  so i went with it.  after a little while, the first two words found their place beside the third (and duel).


  1. I like that you used both "duel" and "dual"...whether it was your original intent or not! Great job! ~Paula

  2. That was an extremely well written argument; well, it was a row wasn't it. Futile too, nobody won.

  3. I made the same mistake with 'dual'/'duel'! This was a great duel..words are powerful..silence even more so..Jae

  4. RMP, Powerful writing here. I almost used the same phrase, "volley of words," this week, but I couldn't pull my thoughts together around that image. You did, though, and wrote a keeper.

  5. That rolled so beautifully with the two at logger heads with each other!!...and I'm wondering what the noise was all about :)

  6. Glad you stuck with the use of duel. This is fantastic and a great use of the prompt words.

  7. this is good, really good, loved it.


  8. I agree with whenwordsescape...wonderful use of words and well written

  9. wise use of the three words..