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Friday, February 18, 2011

15 Writing Unmasked

Writing Unmasked
(by rmp, that's me)
no one sees me
not the real me
how could they
i keep her hidden
so well hidden i
sometimes can't see her

some may try to uncover
try to see what lies within
but i conceal her behind a mask
one that looks delicate and fragile
but is forged in iron, steel, and diamond
so well have i worn it
sometimes i forget she lay beneath

but she's there
lying in wait
knowing she'll be freed
for short stints at a time
to speak a truth only she knows
in the only way she knows how
so well she does write
sometimes the world gets a glimpse of me

written for Thursday Poets Rally...yes, i realize it is not thursday...but i've never been very good at deadlines...


  1. well done...

    Thursday Poets Rally runs an entire week, thus you are cool.

    welcome sharing and have fun!

  2. And who are you my precious one ?

  3. theres a certain mystery as to who you are here.. here's my wk 38..

  4. Ah, we do expose ourselves in our poetry do we not

    Loved this


  5. like the nuances so much. we all hide behind masks but yet yearn to reveal a bit here and a bit there.

  6. Beautiful. I also come out best on paper. In person I often lose myself behind many masks and only peek out occasionally.

  7. As long as you continue to write, you will always be visible...nice write.

  8. Nice poem for the Rally! I love the mask picture too!

  9. dealines, schmeadlines lol

    this is powerful, alomst frightening, especially since I can relate so well!

  10. Nice, sometimes its best to keep the true you hidden, reveal for only those worthy! Nice work!!!

  11. nice that you have writing to reveal yourself,... if only in stints.

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