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Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 two sides

upon first glance i saw a bird...upon further inspection i found a rock...but whose to say both are not correct.  i stared at the picture some more and wondered what the view from the other side might be...the bird/rock definitely has the advantage...or does it?

Rock Bird

perched on a threshold
unable to choose a side
now petrified stone

upon further reflection into what view the other side might hold, i found myself thinking how things can be seen from more than one angle or perspective...have one meaning to someone and another meaning for another...thus after writing a haiku, it was not hard for my mind to make the jump to a sedoka.

Ancestral Home

caressing the stone
where once her ancestors stood
brings a sweet smile to her lips

remnants of a past
long gone, but not forgotten
curl his lips in sour disgust

photo by Sean McCormick

somewhere in my head another thought still lingers, but for now i'll take my leave of this image.  maybe later i'll return to pick my way through the rubble and discover what might still be lingering...

inspiration for this poem comes from a new source (for me, that is).  One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [interview with Sean McCormick].


  1. Thanks for thinking out how you process...Great Haiku...

  2. Enjoyed your haiku, and it was a refreshing change to follow along with the thoughts of your approach. Cheers

  3. Great work with both offerings and both sides! The dichotomy of these two views is quite rich and stunning at the same time. Thanks for sharing!