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Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 three for two

i missed my image last today is three for two day...

i have folder of photos called oddities.  these would be random images that have no particular place.  for today's set of images, i've pulled from the oddities folder.  now while the pictures are technically random that doesn't mean that some of them don't have some connection to one another.  thus today's theme is books...

Worlds to Enter
(image by rmp, that's me)
when i find myself lost
when i find the world crashing in on me
when i find i must escape myself
i find myself lost in the power of words
i find myself transported to a new world
i find myself escaping into beautiful tales
i find myself with book in hand

Beware What Lies Within
(image by rmp, that's me)

beware the road you travel
it is fraught with twists and turns
beware the stranger you meet
his agenda may not match your own
beware the labyrinths ease
for it is meant to lead you astray

Path to Destiny
(image by rmp, that's me)
a wise turtle once said
"one meets his destiny
often in the road he takes
to avoid it."
faced head on or avoided
destiny will find you
as only it was meant to be

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  1. I know this isn't your latest post but this, it is jus so close to my heart..

    Thanks for dropping by Tingtasy and read my 'Remember Me'... :)

    Out of all the above you wrote, I love the last best.. It is where my belief lies.. :)