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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Lost

the memory of that day
of the moment
i turned my world upside down
still seem so surreal
he was so lively and talkative
so fun and sweet
but for that day
that stupid mistake of a day
if looks could kill
my descent into hell
would have been instantaneous
he didn't speak
not one single one
he just stared
boring a hole straight into my heart
straight into the object my actions
had maimed in him
it was my own fault
i was stupid, young and infatuated
he was grounded, strong and in love
i didn't mean to hurt him
didn't mean to destroy what we had
i lost myself to him that day
but worst of all i lost him
i lost the one thing
that made the world seem right and whole


thank you to Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>descent, kill, surreal].  i had the lines for the first two words within moments.  the third took awhile to find and when i did, it exploded into something i did not expect.  while i was at it, i decided to explore adding my voice to the poem.  since blogger doesn't seem to like audio files, i used Windows Live Movie Maker to turn it into a video...


  1. Sigh... if only the moment could be recalled and changed. Loved it.

  2. Sheilagh Lee said:Aw so sad and bitter sweet that you can't take back a moment .Great work.

  3. such a moment...can wound forever. I've seen it, and you captured it well...

  4. I felt sad when I read this, because, somehow I´ve been there before too.
    Maybe there´s nothing worst than the silence from lips who used to talk to you in a sweet way... because you´d rather hear him tell you that he hates you than stay with his silence just wondering what is he thinking and listening how his heart is breaking because of you...

    Lovely, lovely poem. I loved it!

  5. you've captured a moment in such detail. Fine words. It brings up feelings and emotions, right to the surface.