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Monday, January 17, 2011

0 branching out in the social realm...

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i have no idea what possessed me, but i know have a twitter account.  i'm still not really sure i get the whole tweeting concept, but i suppose one of the best ways to learn and building a greater understanding of something is to try it out.  technically, you're probably should immerse yourself in it, but right now i'm still just testing the waters.  after i toy with it a bit and find my niche, maybe i'll be brave enough to branch out and find some interesting people to follow.  maybe by then the whole concept won't be so weird to me...but knowing me i doubt it.  i'm not sure if starting with twitter is better than starting with facebook, but for now it is one thing at a time.  besides i thoroughly enjoy annoying my extended family (none of my immediate family have an account) and all of my friends by refusing to join this social monster...

so, my first tweet is a set of three pom seeds.  i've been thinking that i'll need to come up with some base rules and guidelines for pom seeds, but with this whole twitter thing, maybe not.  i'll have to think on it.  i'm not sure which pom seed will give birth to my next masterpiece attempt, but i think they need a little time to ripen before i take a bite.

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