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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1 Horribly Wrong

something is wrong
horribly, horribly wrong
clothing malfunctioning wrong
honest lawyer wrong
Brittany kissing Madonna wrong
the world imploding wrong
hide under a table for a bomb threat
kind of wrong
something is most definitely wrong
because this morning on the way to work
I caught myself singing

so what could possibly be so wrong about me singing in the morning. after all, i love to sing. i sing in the car; i sing in the shower; i sing when no one is around, or even when they are around. i enjoy singing, whether or not i sing well is another story. so than what is so wrong? well, one thing i noticed this past year is that i do not, i mean never, sing on the car ride to work. i'm not a morning person in any way shape or form; i'm manage to get to work by rote memory and an excellent defensive driving subconscious. so finding myself singing in the morning is quite taboo.

first construction written from a pom seed...never said they turn out to be good...i believe i did mentions something about tart tasting pom seeds...based off pom seed: I sang this morning...

1 comment:

  1. okay so you dont sing at all.....not alot of people do though...i think i jus work some lyrics out my in my head finding a tune, but iw ont let the words filter from my mouth..
    i love the rhyming into the poem...