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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

7 i shall continue

I evade their gaze
for fear they will see through me
for fear I'm an open book they shall choose to close

I form a wedge
between myself and the world that surrounds
between myself and those wishing to get in

I will not buckle
under the pressure of their inquisitive stares
under the pressure of their penetrating words

I shall continue
head down to evade their eyes
arms spread wide reinforcing the wedge between
mind strong so as not to buckle to their desires
        or those that taunt my own heart

inspiration for this poem comes from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>buckle, evade, wedge].


  1. This so reminds me of the sentiments expressed by Denver Moore in "Same Kind of Different as Me." Touching, heart-wrenching, clear.

  2. I enjoyed this. Using each word in a new stanza was great.

  3. red alert... survival mode... i like the strength and tautness of the form...

  4. Very powerful and feels like a marching song...onward and forward.

  5. I really like the format of this, how you have used the prompt words to start each stanza, it is very effective. Good stuff I enjoyed it.

  6. Interesting structure with the repetition and parallels. I am unsure by the end if this is written from a place of defiant strength, or a place of bitter isolation. Maybe a bit of both.