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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

0 how do I...

how do I tell you that you are not alone
we were all there once
looked down upon and stereotyped
for some, time has faded the memory
for others, it is clear as day

how do I show you that you are not alone
we have all felt the pressure
weighed down by others' expectations
some have forced the memory away
others hold on to it tightly

how do I help you understand that you are not alone
we were all there once
struggling to simply be young
for some, it is lost and so they do on to you as was done to them
for others, it is a knowledge they wish to pass on to you

how do I...
when your focus is on the some who cannot remember
when all you feel is the some who oppress
the some whose expectations for you are limited
how do I get passed them to make an impact on you

how do I...
one of the others who understands were you are coming from
one who has seen what you have yet to see
who knows where you are going
how do I impart on to you that I truly do understand

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