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Thursday, January 14, 2010

0 tossed aside

Her heart raced as she stood there by the river.  She could see Torrin further along the riverbed.  The mare's head bowed as she drank in the refreshing water.  Koriel gripped the golden ball that hung around her neck as though she were trying to squeeze the life out of it.  In one swift movement she yanked the chain from around her neck and toss her childhood toy into the river.  As the ball moved with the current, slowly sinking, she couldn't help but feel as though a great weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. 

She bowed her head down, closed her eyes and breathed in deeply.  As she opened her eyes, a small shadow flashed out of the corner of her eye.  Glancing back into the river where the golden ball had made its bed, she noticed that it was no longer there.

"I believe you dropped this."  Koriel felt her heart catch at the sound of his voice.  She had half hoped he would show up again.  "Did you think that tossing it away would relieve you of your obligations?  Did you think you could toss away the gift you born with?"  She stole herself and then lifted her head to meet his gaze.  She caught the slight shake of his head as he informed her, "it is not that easy."

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