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Thursday, October 25, 2012

2 You Made Me This Way

I don't fear death; I fear
the life I'll never live.

When the day finally comes
my last breath spent
I can hear Your question
resound in my ears as Your arms
welcome me into their warm embrace.

Two words (with their questionesque tone)

scratch at the surface of
who I'll never be.

I long to allay Your troubled
soul with
       with an affirming reply;

Three words (with the power to heal)

burrow deep down within
the me I'll never be.

I don't fear death for I know
Your open arms will quiet the tirade
the thoughts and fears that
bind, but I fear
I can't forgive the life
I'll never live.

I know there is still more I need to say...but for right now, I just need to get this out.  This question has been haunting me for quite awhile; I'm still not sure the answer.  It has sat side by side with the question (not posed) in the title. 


  1. I feel you in this...and that first stanza and last really resonate with me. Actually the whole thing does. Deep write.

  2. smiles....i like the two words, three words...the questions, i think in many ways we all struggle with them, you know...def love those opening lines...they hooked me...