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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 Irrational Illusions -- A Response

Irrational Illusions – A Response

social engagement
to put forth such an effort
at such an expense
to the mind, heart, body, soul…
seems a fool’s errand
like a child playing with fire
comfort and warmth call
teasing with their open arms
just to sear straight through
why delve into this sector
of social terror
for just a glimpse of self-worth
of affirmation
reflected in other’s eyes
or within their words
truthfully it makes no sense
compounding real life
with more social arenas
honestly who needs
the world at their fingertips
one more avenue
to fall into a tailspin
where loss of control
tears at every ounce of hope
maybe it is time
to still the paranoia
in at least one world
before irrational thoughts
and harsh delusions
skirt the edge of sanity
maybe it is time
to not push the envelope
in an online world
where social angst finds a home
maybe it’s time to
unshrink this crazy life of
social endeavors

this will probably never going happen's not even 3 o'clock on Tuesday and i'm ready for this week's OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub.  i suppose i figured that this being a busy time of year...this week in particular...i should get a jump start on things if i wished to not miss.   

anyway...the above poem is a response to last week's OpenLinkNight.  i had said in the ramblings part of my post that it didn't quite take on the end i had envisioned.  it really just set up the scene (or the problem).  so today i decided to revisit the thoughts that played in my head at the time.  somehow with Irrational Illusions i managed to keep 'i', 'you', 'me', etc out off the poem...not really an easy task for me lately.  when it came to writing this response i was torn with whether to stick with the lack of personalization or to reclaim it.  as you can tell i again left out 'i', 'you', 'me', etc., though they popped into my head on more than one occasion.  was it a good call?  i don't know.  might it have been a stronger piece with the personalization?  maybe.  will i leave it as is?  knowing me probably.  is this really goodbye?  that's an excellent question...


  1. wow this is a rip...great thoguht flow through out...and yes lets still the craziness that comes..esp this season...everyone wants a piece and i just a little peace...smiles...

  2. delving into social terror for just a glimpse of self-worth of's kinda crazy isn't it..but all too real..

  3. craziness makes life more interesting ;) awesome pen!!!

    I "Liked" your facebook page, maybe you might like me back? :)


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  4. this says it all about craziness -

    to fall into a tailspin
    where loss of control

  5. An excellent poem and a daunting exercise to express personal feelings without using personal pronouns. Brilliant job.