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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6 Last Breath

Last Breath

you cracked open my chest,
sunk your fingers deep within
encasing my still beating heart.
can you feel the rhythm
in sync with your own?
it beats for you,
because of you.

don’t let yourself waver now
tugging at my heartstrings;
do what it is you came to do.

this is no time to hesitate,
not if you ever felt a tinge
within yourself
of the vibrant life
now beating in your hand.

make it quick
so it doesn’t sting too much.
like ripping off a band aid,
like plunging into ice cold water,
put me out of my misery.

my heart has been yours
since the moment we met;
so go ahead,
tear it out of me
hold it up in the palm of your hand
watch it take its last breath.

free me from feeling it break
into a million tiny little pieces.
go ahead do what it is
you came to do.

i must concede. i could not find my way to fill the blank pages staring back at i dug up something (not previously posted here) for this week's OpenLinkNight over at dVerse~Poets Pub. i should have known better than to think (considering my current writing stamina) that i could write two new poems in one day.


  1. smiles...i am glad you dug it up for us...def ripping off a band aid...yeowch!...smiles. a feeling thought that is very relatable...and painful...

  2. you could have double linked your is very nice...particularly your close...

  3. I like the flow and also can relate to it...

    moon sways

  4. Oooh that is brilliant! I loved it. Excellent writing. :-)

  5. Awww sad... to give it all for love, I hope it was not all given in vain.
    Lovely prose.

  6. It's an excellent find. I bleed for the narrator.