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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6 Fight From Within

strong impervious armor surrounded his beating heart
long ago encase to keep misery from seeping in
shallow hollows in the metal riddle the once smooth surface
their true origins uncertain upon causal inspection
yet a closer look reveals these not to be defensive marks
rather an imprint of love longing to escape

i think one of the things i like most about Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>hollow(s), misery, shallow] is that when exploring how these words might come together, i have to look outside of myself.  while writing has always been a way for me to expel the emotions that riddle me, it also upon occasions provides me with an escape.  lately i find my writings to be quite internal and so i thorough enjoy the reprieve 3WW provides.


  1. good writing to get the "shallow hollows" into an image instead of the more trite shallow man, hollow man thing...though it seems to mean the same to me, so this is original.

  2. I love that it was love trying to escape that left the marls

  3. That armor can be tough to knock down... enjoyed this.

  4. hey, you made me see the strong silent one in a different way.

    this background is divine like being inside someone's bedroom.

  5. I loved the use of the word riddle here to explain the complexities of his mind. Such thought provoking words.

  6. You handle the words so well. I love this.