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Wednesday, November 30, 2011



jettisoned cargo
flushes them out in droves
to behave like wild creatures

"mob mentality at it's best."

it's been awhile since i last wrote a clarity pyramid...but seeing as how this is the last Wednesday of the month and i have finally found my way back to 3WW, how could i not write one?  took me a bit to bring it all together, but i do seem to find that is often the case with this form.

this past weekend, there was a marathon of Firefly on tv.  while i have never really watched the single season 'space cowboy' series, my brother roped me into a couple of episodes.  somehow this weeks Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>behave, jettison(ed), mob] was inspired by one of the episodes.

i concede...once again I hoped to try for two in one day...but it seems it wasn't in me. so here is my meager offerings for this week's OpenLinkNight. tonight I go voiceless leaving this little scribbling scrawled on a coaster over at the dVerse~Poets Pub.


  1. I hadn't heard of a clarity pyramid..this was wonderfully done..Jae

  2. nice...this captures for me the black friday hysteria here in the states and also issues on a much larger scale when group think gets out of control...

  3. The Noiseless CuckooclockDecember 1, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    vivid capture of the craziness.

  4. Interesting to find this new form and a spicy poem in it. Interesting, also, that the last lines are nearly always one of the shortest due to the Latinate nature of our language!

  5. Well formed poem, and timely. Sometimes we of the 99% 'ers need
    to make ourselves heard.