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Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 The Right Fit

I watch as he slips his feet in
his gaze trained on the ground as he shuffles forward
giggling laughter bubbles through the air
while he claims he's the rightful owner
of the over sized pair of shoes

what else can i do but smile back at him
and wonder
how many different pairs will he try on
over the course of his lifetime?

the tattler; the soccer player
the brown-noser; the teaser
the teased; the jock
the nerd; the best friend
the liar; the heart breaker
the heart broken; the trusted
the backstabber; the joker
the player; the lover

how many will he try on because they look cool in the display?
how many will he put back in the box and never look at again?
how many will he come back to wavering on if they're him?
how many will he buy and return when the blisters appear?
how many will he purchase for special occasions only?
how many will he regret and what will he do with that knowledge?
how many will he wear down to the sole?

I look into his smiling eyes and can't help but smile back.

With so many pairs to try on
for size
for fit
for style
for comfort
for purpose
for need
I can't help but wonder
how each pair will define who he will become.


  1. smiles. my boys loved playing in shoes and i have similar ponderings through out their lives as they keep changing shoes on where they just might settle.

    i will manually add your link.

  2. So many shoes indeed ~

    Love these lines:

    I can't help but wonder
    how each pair will define who he will become.