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Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Hopeless

your words still run rampant in my head
ricocheting like hot bullets
striking each vital organ
burning holes deep within
bleeding me bone dry
rendering me

Upon reading One Stop Poetry's Form Monday introduction to the nonet, i decided to have a go at it. figuring it very similar to the etheree which i've already experimented with, i thought it wouldn't be too bad of a write.  and while it wasn't, the counting down of the nonet as opposed to the counting up of the (traditional) etheree was a bit more of a challenge i think.  in the end, i think it came out halfway decent.


  1. Indeed it did turn out decent and then some!

    I thought it was challenging too as I write to an ending; then when I got to it, I realized I'd left out the three syllable line. Had to rework the last half. Ha. Thank you so much for writing and linking today. Gay

  2. It seems to me you have done well. I too struggled and played for a bit. Found it rather challenging to stay within the syllabic lines. But then my first lines changed as I started out with like 13 syllables... had to make it a bit tighter.

  3. So sad. How important it is for us to think before we speak.

  4. oo nice use of emo in the form...vivid the ricocheting bullets...i think you did well with the form

  5. Yes my thought was it's an etheree with a line missing. Nice use of the form with an extended simile