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Sunday, June 19, 2011

9 Graffiti'd: One Night Impression

Photo by Chris Galford
(cropped from original below)
she snuck in
under cover of night
shaking my world
like a spray can
her fingertips exerting
just the right
amount of pressure
splashing brilliant colors
across the wall I built
then she disappeared
her mark soaking into me
leaving an imprint
on my heart

Photo by Chris Galford
upon visiting One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday [graffiti'd] today, i couldn't help but ask myself...

was it a sign that my latest train of thoughts while in hiding was about dreams.  (my first fixation was on laughs.)  anyway...i guess it was a sign 'cause the words just flew forth...granted they had nothing to do with dreams...although i'd like to think she gave him a little something to dream about...

so why the resent fixation on dreams...not sure i really know.  as i mentioned in my last post i'm looking to rediscover my creative-self...not that it is AWOL...or broken...or marred in anyway shape or form...just (as a my last poem before going into my self-imposed exile puts it) out of more ways than one.  so i'm working on finding a happy place...thus laughs and dreams...


  1. Glad you're out of exile :) You express both gratitude and lament through your poem. Write on!

  2. Great expression for this photo.

  3. Yes, you wrote on this well..appreciation for this art was felt:-)

  4. personally, this is my favorite one of today. Wow.

  5. an open mind and willingness can take you beyond where you can even imagine you want to be - keep dreaming (smiles)

  6. ah, very cool, nice symbolism. Creative also. Well done.

  7. This is wonderful - graffiti as a symbol of love (even if it is spraypainted). Great poem.

  8. Excellent poem and keep writing you are good.


  9. Wow! Catching up with reading posts now that I'm back from my hellish "vacation." Yours is definitely a fav of the OSP Graffiti prompt. It's absolutely beautiful and really a great metaphor. Nicely done. Dream on!