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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 interrogation

the thin vale of confusion slowly lifted
as the words finally began to soak in
every single nerve began to stand on end
never had a case of jitters been so bad
fear permeated the air throughout the room
suddenly he did not relish being cursed
with the dim brain and the foolish demeanor
that he now found himself at the mercy of
why had he not been graced like his twin brother
with a suave smooth-talking personality
this was far more than being in the wrong place
if only he could wrap his brain around it
pull the pieces of this puzzle together
his twin had the logical brain -- his twin...
like a lightning bolt the truth struck straight through him
there was no way out of this grand fiasco
for the intricate workings of his twins brain
assured he'd take the fall for an act not his

i really had no idea where i was going with this...but truly how often is that the case with Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>grace(d), jitter(s), thin].  (now that i think about it, i'm not really sure it makes any sense at all...)  anyway... for the fun of it, i included last weeks words (foolish, mercy, relish)...truth be told, i found myself using the word fool at first and suddenly it twisted into foolish followed by its friends from last week, mercy and relish.  i also (for the fun of it of course)--after noticing the first three lines somehow managed to have the same syllable count--decided to compose each line of eleven syllables (at least i tried, i'm too lazy to double check each line...).


  1. Powerful.
    Truly powerful.
    As for your side note, all it worked just fine in my honest opinion :)

  2. I really like this, RMP. You've taken a whole complex story, an entire history of the twins' relationship, and encapsulated it within a short poem.

  3. ooh so the so called gift of the gab brother did soemthing wrong and wants him to take the blame .He should speak up and say that his brother did it.Great story

  4. Good story - like all the best short stories, the end pulled it all together. Really interesting use of the words.

  5. You really captured the panic and confusion of having to think on your feet..well done on using all those prompts too! Jae

  6. love the tense atmosphere in this!