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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 winds of change

i can taste the winds of change
tangy, sweet, and tart
pulling me forward with a promise
of a future heavy with possibilities
tiny morsels flavored with pleasure
like the pomegranate 
filled with a plethora of tiny seeds
encased in their own juiciness
tangy, sweet, and tart
the future holds the power
to tantalize each and every taste bud
with small tiny bursts of deliciousness
mixed with the occasional puckering

i have no idea how to express (in this medium) the thoughts i wish to get across.  in short i see the future filled with many moments and possibilities.  we look at the future as one solid entity, but really it is composed of a multitude of events and non-events, once that make us happy, ones that make us said, ones that make us angry....  i see the pomegranate like the future.  on the outside it appears to be one simple fruit, but on the inside its filled with seed.  each seed is encased in its own juicy meat, like a littler kernel.  Individually they have their own flavor, some are sweet, some are tart, some are tangy.  but together, they create a tasty treat.  i'd like to think that in the long run the future is an overall pleasurable entity,  i'm not sure that psycho babble is any clearer, but...

the seed for this poem was planted by Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck - Journey and the Road Ahead.  not so sure it hits the mark, but things have a way of growing and thriving to a tune of their own.


  1. One would hope it is a pleasurable thing overall--and that there should be a minimum of puckering (unless one likes that kind of thing).
    Thanks for sharing this poem. It made me smile.

    Here is my Potluck entry if you'd like to check it out:

  2. lovely words you use! thanks for sharing! here’s mine for this potluck..

  3. love it,

    you really got talent.


  4. I love this one: concise, great imagery and tone, and wonderful flow. Excellent poem!