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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 dispelling fear

she let out a yelp in fear
as something moist touched her hand
she glared at him as he laughed
her terror was not something to mock
he grabbed her arm as she turned to walk away
begrudgingly she let him pull her back down
he took her offended hand to his lips
kissing it like a wounded child
his eyes never once breaking contact with hers
like a spell she was his
how could she have thought him harmless
her hand still clasped in his lowered
though her gaze stayed trained on him
the twinkle in his eye and the curve of his lips
signaled that he knew he had her completely in his trance
she barely noticed the rough little tongue
to mesmerized by him to give in to her fear of dogs

i admit my mind was in a dirty place when this first started out, even though i knew quite well were it was leading.  inspiration for this comes from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>harmless, moist, yelp].


  1. really smart writing here. I was unprepared - but very happy - for the ending.

  2. Seductive in a beautiful way. I like the writing! Different, interesting!

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