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Thursday, August 12, 2010

0 Jiminy Cricket

i've been thinking about hiring a conscious--someone to motivate me and keep me going--someone who will force me to do all the things i lack the desire to do:  dishes, dusting, exercise, not nap, laundry, socialize, take vitamins, go to the doctor, get my eyes checked, quit my job, find a new job, convince me that medication might be a good solution, laugh, cry, clean my bathrooms, wash my car, eat healthy, eat, vacuum, finish reading the five or so books i've started, smile...

maybe what i really want is someone who will do all those things for me.  technically not everything on the list is something i can expect someone else to do, but quite a bit could be done by someone else.  either way i'd need to feel motivated enough to hire someone:  housekeeper, butler, life-coach.  and i wouldn't need any of those things if i didn't lack motivation.

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