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Friday, August 20, 2010

0 awkward silence

"So, that wasn't so bad was it?"  Jaycie waved goodbye to James's friends and turned toward him. 

"I think your definition of so bad and my definition are slightly different."  She watched as his brows raise and his lips twitched into a small grimace.  Who was she kidding?  The truth was that she had finally--for once in her life--felt normal.  Yes, her nerves had wreaked havoc on her throughout the entire evening and would continue to do so for the next several days as she played everything over and over again in mind, but she had smiled.  A smile for her was a rare and potentially extinct creature.  Strange how since meeting James only yesterday she had smiled more than probably her entire lifetime.  

A sigh escaped her lips.  "It wasn't so bad.  I actually had a very nice time."  He smiled and gestured with his arm for her to begin walking.  She started off in the direction of her car, acutely aware of his presence next to her.  "Your friends are very nice."

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.  I would say you made quite an impression on my friends, as well."  She felt the tightening in her chest as her brain twisted his words.  He must have noticed the look on her face, because he was quick to expand his statement.  "Lucy is usually very quite around new people, but with you, it was as if she had known you forever.  And Marc," they came to a stop in front of her car, "well let's just say he definitely enjoyed matching whits with you.  All in all, I'd say you fit in quite nicely, though I had no doubts that you would."

She smiled.  "Thank you."

"Your welcome."

They stood there for a moment in silence, save for the slight sound of her car door unlocking as she pressed the button.  Jaycie stared at the keys in her hand.  It had been a long time since someone had walked her to her car.  She shook the erupting thought from her mind.  This is crazy.  Your acting like this is a date.  And it is most definitely not a date.  She looked up from her keys to find James studying her.  Her heart squeezed reacting against her will to his gaze.  Jaycie cleared her throat.  "So, I'll see you Thursday, then."

"Yeah.  Thursday."  For a moment, it looked like he wanted to say something else, but he just smiled and took a step back.  

A small pang of disappointment at his retreat took her by surprise.  "Okay, then.  Bye."  She turned, open her door and climbed in.  He raised his hand, with a slight wave, she heard him say goodbye as she pulled the door close.  He took another step back as she started her car and put it in gear.  As she started to make her way out of the parking lot, she glanced back in her rear view mirror to find him still standing there were she had left him.  She smiled at him in the mirror, a mixture of sadness and excitement mingling in her veins.  Until Thursday, she thought. 

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