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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

0 encounter #52

[She sat quietly in the chair look down at her hands and does not notice when he enters.  He watches her for a moment from the doorway without saying a word.  He steps in and clears his throat.  She looks up and a thin forced smile appears on her lips.]

Her:  Hello
Him:  Hi

[He walks over and sits down next to her.]

Him:  I'm James
Her:  Hi James.  How are you today?
Him:  Good.  And you?
Her:  A little tired.  It has been a long day for me.
Him:  I guess I'm not your first today?
Her:  Actually, you are.  I've just had a lot of stuff to deal with this morning.

[He nods.]

Him:  So how exactly does this work?
Her:  Pretty simple really.  We just touch hands. 
Him:  And then.
Her:  No one explained you this all to you?
Him:  Well there was some jumpy kid all hopped up on what I hope was caffeine or sugar.  He talked a mile a minute and I could barely keep up with him.  Before I could ask any questions, he pointed to the door and walked away.
Her:  I'm sorry.  The regular greeter is out today.  As for the jumpy kid, I'm sure he's hopped on both. 

[He smiled and gave a bit of a laugh.]

Her:  As far as I understand it, my experience is a bit different than others.  I guess it just comes with the territory.  For you it is pretty simple; it is kind of like watching a movie on fast forward and every once in a while things play at normal speed.  You don't really feel anything, outside of normal emotions you might have while watching a movie and then that is only when things occur at normal speed.
Him:  It's different for you?  Do you mind if I ask how?
Her:  I don't mind. 

[She looked down at her hands, flexed her fingers, then turned her attention back to him.]

Her:  I feel everything.  Every emotion.  Every touch.  Every thought.  It matters not whether I'm in fast forward or regular motion.  I experience it all as though I were right there in that moment and in that time.
Him:  Seriously?!?
Her:  Yes.
Him:  That has to suck!
Her:  Yes, more than you know.
Him:  So why do you do this?
Her:  I have been wondering that myself lately.

[Silence drags on for a good minute.]

Her:  So are you ready?

[He looks at her, studying her closely and hesitates.  She stays silent.]

Him:  I guess.  If you are.

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