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Saturday, March 13, 2010

0 outsider

imagine going through life feeling like an outsider.  imagine being surround by people you know, family and friends, and feeling like you don't belong.  i can't imagine it is an easy thing to imagine.  but it is my life.  constantly surrounded by those i love, those who love me and i feel like i am a separate entity, as though i have nothing to add or offer that they could possible want.  it is a sad life.  it is lonely life. 

i don't feel invisible, though at times i wish i were.  i feel like i'm in a glass box, separate yet apart.  i wish i knew how to break out of the box.  i know it is one of my own creation.  it would be nice to feel as though i were a part of something, as though i belonged.  in my head, somewhere deep down, i know that i do belong.  i just don't feel as though i do.

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