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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

0 background...

I have spent the past several weeks doing a bit of digging.  After hearing Alice's story, I couldn't help myself.  I managed to get the name of two former girlfriends who had also gotten the shaft.  And from them I found some others.  When all was said and done, I had managed to speak with seven of his former relationships, plus Alice.  Strangely, not all of them had heard about 'The Test' before I mentioned it.  One thing is for certain, his type is not easy to discern from all of the lovely women I had an opportunity to speak with.

To help me focus my thoughts a bit more, I'm going to transcribe my notes and bits of my conversations here on my blog.  Once everything is compiled, I believe I'll have enough background to actually meet this intriguing individual.  All I'll have to decide at that point is whether I try to get him to agree to an interview or if I ambush him. 

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