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Saturday, February 13, 2010

0 right to write

it feels good to write.  i wish i did not have such trouble getting the words out.  once they are out though, it feels good to read them over and know they came from me.  there is a small satisfaction in feeling my fingers move over the keyboard and my thoughts poor from me.  there is great satisfaction at reading those words and seeing how they have taken form; how they have erupted from within me.

it feels good to write.  there is a great peace in this escape.  i wish i could find it more often.  i wish i could allow myself to delve into it more and not be bogged down by all of the other stuff that weighs on me constantly.  i find a small bit of happiness and comfort in who i am when i write and when i go back over those words. 

it feels good to write.  it feels very, very good to write.  it feels right to write.

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