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Monday, January 27, 2014

3 teardrop (part 3)

She is still the most hauntingly beautiful entity...

poster artwork entitled
"Teardrop" by Paul Hogg

In my second post on this poster that dons my wall and continually captures my eye, I stated, "before writing the post, i tried to do a little research to see if (a) i could find this poster somewhere still for sale or (b) find more by Paul Hogg.  my attempts were fruitless."  Well...

a most interesting thing happened this past week.  I received a comment on my first "teardrop" post by none other than the artist. 

In addition, (after he managed to hunt down the original artwork) he reached out to me on Facebook.

What have I learned?  Well...the poster I located and posted in the "teardrop (part 2)" was a follow up to this piece in response to the demand on the above pictured piece.  So while not part of a series, as one earlier commenter mentioned, it did not stand completely alone.  I also learned that Paul Hogg's work nowadays does different quite a bit from this piece ( 


  1. ha. pretty cool that he found you....and that he was open to finding it...and even willing to write back to you....

    hey good to see you....
    hope your new year is starting well....

  2. Amazing turn of events. And such a positive reaction from the artist.
    I can see why this image affects you so deeply.

  3. I just found a post card with this image on from 1988 in Oxfam Books. It has writing on and everything and I got really excited and started googling the person it was sent too (got a bit weird) but all because the image captured me so much! (And the original sender weirdly : " do you like the post-card? I fell in love with it" they wrote). Anyway, that was totally random but felt like sharing