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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

12 Dee - p - Rest

From out of the blue
I feel them --
tears perched on eyelids.

A quiet settles
within;  a
hush before the storm.

Each breath stratigi-
cally  placed
to lesson the wrath.

I long to crawl up
-- disappear --
escape from myself.

But the past has shown
like a sinking ship
I must ride it out.

the above is a series of Kelly Lunes, aside from the last stanza.

another silent contribution....

if you get a chance, there are some wonderful talents showcasing their voices today over at dVerse Poets Pub for OpenLinkNight.


  1. Nice work.Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed my “escape”! lol I just read some of your poetry. Well done! I also visited your youtube poems Lost & Awakening – the road ahead, which I also enjoyed. I really like the sound of your voice (it is soothing) and hearing the poetry read aloud. A writing instructor recently suggested that I do some youtube poetry readings as well. I am not very technically proficient, so not sure how many hours it might take me to learn how to do one. :( Is it easy? time consuming?

  2. light of the storms this week...this is all the more powerful....and some storms...well most storms in life we do have to ride out....

    added your link @ dverse before oln closed...

  3. I have forgotten about lunes..must try them out
    They suit this inner though process.
    Unfortunately there are no short cuts to suffering you have no choice but to ride it out. It is horrible isn't it? I'm just out of the storm but I have not forgotten how awful and all consuming that ride is. It will be over eventually and you will smile.

  4. Yes--keep breathing deeply and try to live in the quiet. Nicely done, the hyphenation was a pleasant way to meet the metrical standards. Very good!

  5. I like the calm and resolution of I must do what I must do regarding weathering the storm...

  6. So true...must ride it out. I try to remember, in times like this, "this too shall pass". A felt and relatable write RMP.

  7. Powerful... the past can do that to me, too. I try to focus on the here and now, but sometimes it's very challenging.

  8. "But the past has shown
    like a sinking ship
    I must ride it out."

    Those lines were powerful.

  9. Excellent. The one thing we cannot escape from is the self.

  10. Agree with Brian. This is timely and full of pain. I think as poets we are prone to allow the pain of others enter our consciousness.

  11. I hear you. Hurting memories just have a way of creeping up and it is hard to just completely ignore them. :-)

  12. heck true..we def. have to face these storms in life and ride them out before they pull us under water..