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Friday, January 25, 2013

3 CIHTD?: Tied Together with a Smile

Artist:  Taylor Swift
Album:  Taylor Swift
Genre:  Country

Notes:  I can't tell you how long I have had this album, but honestly until recently it seems this song has never 'shuffled' across my path.  The title drew me right from the get go and then came the words.  The first verse into the course really struck a chord for me.  It use to be much easier for me to maintain / sustain a smile no matter what was going on behind the scenes.  Nowadays I find it much harder to do so and the idea of finally just letting it go...

Tied Together with a Smile
The thread just hangs there
teasing and taunting
a needle could help sew things back up--
maintain appearances 
a pair of scissors could keep things in limbo--
bordering on becoming undone
and a tug
               a tug could unravel it all--
setting me free
I'm tired of holding it all together--
putting on a pretty face
This smile is all I've had to keep
me from falling apart at the seams
But each day it gets harder and harder
to stitch up this facade
The thread just hangs there
at the corner of my mouth
daring me to release the smile


  1. pull the thread...let it unravel...a facade is def not worth holding up when it becomes such a burden and in the breaking new life is born...

  2. I love how you wove this metaphor...sewing it throughout :-) Your close is wonderful as well!

  3. Wonderful use of metaphor, indeed. Really well done!