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Friday, December 28, 2012

4 CIHTD?: Take Care, Honey

Title:  Hate Me
Artist:  Blue October
Album:  Foiled
Genre:  Alternative

Notes:  There are three little words that use to come out of my mouth unhindered; they spoke to my poor self-worth and in complete contrast to the words I longed to hear (from myself as well as others).  It took awhile, but I finally trained those words out of my system.  Well, not completely,  but the no longer plague me the same way that they use to.  I'm certain it is those three little words that attracted me to this song.  Even though this is not a self-loathing song, there are elements of that in it I would think.

As I began to listen past the refrain, I found a multitude of interesting lines that feed the imagination quite well--several that strike home in ways not intended by the song.  I'm not sure who the 'she' is, if there are more than one 'she', or even if there is a 'she'.  There are many ways I can take this verse, both on a personal level and depending on the 'she'.

Take Care, Honey
the war isn't quite over yet,
just a simple battle won.
and while I wish I could stay--
continue this fight with you,
you've made this goodbye quite clear.
so here I stand miles away
while your war still rages on
and though you hope to protect--
pushing me away from you,
my heart will never let go.
I will continue to cry
for you--for the us that could
have been; and I will hate you
for today, for tomorrow;
I will hate you for always.
but I'll never, no never,
stop loving you; you will fill
my dreams as you always have
and I'll find what's good for me
whether it be you or not.
just promise you'll continue
to fight--look in the mirror
and see all that you are, all
you can be; all you couldn't
see reflected in my eyes.


  1. an emotional piece....speaks of loss and how we deal with it....of them still struggling with their self image...of what could have been which will def trip you up....lots to unpack in this one...

  2. sounds like the kind of song I used to ruminate over with a drink in hand...

  3. heavy emotions in hard must it be for both...but how good for him to go and know she loves him still....even though... a very moving piece

  4. This sears and touches my heart ~

    Thanks for sharing it~