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Friday, December 21, 2012

2 CIHTD?: Sound of Healing

Title:  Stand Up
Artist:  Sugarland
Album:  The Incredible Machine
Genre:  Country

Notes:  The first time I heard this song was in concert.  It was just as powerful and beautiful then as it is every time I hear it.  As I listened to this song that very first time, I thought about how perfectly it would fit as a background to a montage of students expressing their thoughts and experiences with bullying.  Today I watched a group of eighth graders present a series of skits to each grade in their school (6-8).  Working in conjunction with the guidance counselor they identified different scenarios they found to be prevalent in their school as it relates to HIB (harassment, intimidation, and bullying).  And so it is no surprise this song found its way back into my head.

Sound of Healing
Allow your words to break the silence--
a fire shedding light to banish the darkness.
Allow your voice to rise above the noise--
a beacon of light to guide the lost home.
Allow your love to steel the pain and sorrow--
an aura of light to surround, comfort and heal
the hearts that beat in each of us.


  1. great verse and appropo in light of the last week...we need voices, and light and song to pierce the dark...

  2. Bullying really sucks. There's no easy answer to it at all either. The only thing is for it to all be bought into the open and kept there.
    The words are lovely.
    I feel such an empathy to kids who are bullied, having been one once myself.