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Friday, October 19, 2012

3 Can I Have This Dance?: Straight-Faced

Title:  (Find a) Reason to Believe 
Artist:  Rod Stewart
Album:  The Best of Rod Stewart Millennium Collection
Genre:  Rock

There were no tears yet still
I looked
and eagerly searched to find
a reason -- one single reason
I listened so carefully as
she lied
even with the truth laid
out before her on the table
no tears
               no reaction
                                 no emotion
mars her persona as I search--
waiting for the truth

Notes:  The song popped into my head as yesterday I contended with a 5th grader who (quite easily) lied outright to me even when presented with the facts.  It was quite crazy really.


  1. first, great rod stewart song...and easy to see its influence as well on your verse...ugh on their straight face as you wait to find the truth...a bit cold of them

  2. Saw Rod Stewart in concert... this is one of my favorites of his. That's a shame about the child.

  3. Great song, yes.
    I have a teen who (because she always wants her own way) is this good. It is quite incredible to see it too, isn't it.
    Thanks for the visit :)