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Friday, July 13, 2012

1 Can I Have This Dance?: Postcard, Unnecessary

Song Title:  Vanilla Twilight
Artist:  Owl City
Album:  Ocean Eyes
Genre:  Electronic

Notes:  This song was one of my potential choices for last week's first installment of CIHTD?.  There were two parts in the song that really strung a note (no pun intended) with me:  "because it takes two to whisper quietly" and "cause the spaces between my fingers / are right where yours fit perfectly."  I've listed to the song a couple of time since then.  The song gained some additional interest when I picked up on what I thought was "I send a postcard to you," but was actually "I'd send a postcard to you."  I don't know the truth behind why the postcard could not be sent--there are varied stories--I opt for the more positive one and thus write from the females point of view.

Postcard, Unnecessary
Memories haunt the spaces between
her fingers--so strong
the phantom presences, her fingers
curl inward; her eyes close
lost in the perfect fit
spanning the distance of space
and time.
Whispers echo in the silence
surrounding her--so intoxicating
the lingering essence, her thoughts
answer unwittingly; her eyes close
adrift in words once spoken
reaching beyond the scope of logic
and reason.
Loneliness skirts the edge of
her mind--so intense
the heartsick spirit, her mind
wraps her in the warmth
of long ago arms; her eyes close
clinging to the memories
and whispers.

1 comment:

  1. owl city is def a cool band...discovered them myself a little over a year ago, i think...

    i think the girl in your verse...where loneliness lingered might be the same one i saw in the restaurant...