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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

0 Intoxicating Thoughts

if you are quiet enough;
if you listen hard enough;
if you open your mind enough;
you might just hear them.
their whispers are intoxicating;
speaking in tongues
that understand the taste of words;
that understand the feel of words;
that embody the essence of words.

they know nothing of boundaries;
they care not if you are listening;
they exist without fear or hope;
and yet they push the boundaries
intent on grabbing your attention
provoking fear and hope within you.
if you open your mind enough;
if you listen hard enough;
if you are quite enough;
you might just recognize your own thoughts.

sometimes i don't ask my muse where she is taking me; i simply follow along blinding hoping things will make sense in the end. the verdict is currently out on this one.

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