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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 fragile

thoughts moving rampantly
cause coursing tremors
pushing boundaries
forming unseen cracks
feeling I'm 
I'm feeling
cracks unseen forming
boundaries pushing
tremors coursing cause
rampantly moving thoughts

For the life of me I cannot say why I felt compelled to try my hand at another palindrome poem.  Wrapping my brain around the wrapping words that must form some sense of cohesiveness is not easy or fun.  I suppose I like the challenge.  And even though I'm have yet to find my rhythm for creating this type of poetry, there is satisfaction in the accomplishment (even when it only turns out so-so).

Inspiration for this poem came from Three Word Wednesday [3WW=>fragile, rampant(ly), tremor(s)].  Fragile was used as the mirror...wasn't really working until I changed "I am" (which would reflect as "am I") to "I'm" (which reflects as "I'm")...

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