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Friday, July 2, 2010

0 encounter #52...session 1...completed

She finished up the transcript of the newest test subject.  He had researched her.  The thought popped back into her head like an itch she couldn't scratch.  Why the idea of this so intrigued her, she could not say.  She thought back over the session.  It had been so outside the norm.  Yes, it was true that others had procrastinated when it came to the first touch, but most of them had decided to fill the time rambling on about themselves.  They felt the need to explain why they were participating in the study.  A rare few had spent the time hitting on her.  They weren't interested in getting to know her, not as James had seemed to be.

Maybe it was simply the fact that it had been so long since someone seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her.  Most people either looked at her as some kind of freak or were intent on using her.  It was something she had become use to and accepted.  She did have genuine friends.  But most of them she had grown up with.  She had known them long before she had allowed her 'gift' to push her into her own social exile. 

A soft knock on the door stole her away from her thoughts, which she silently gave thanks for.  "Yes," she called out.  The door opened just enough for Marc, today's hyper assistant, to stick his arm in and hand her a note.  "Thanks," she said as Marc smiled and shut the door behind him.  It seems that he had mellowed a bit since this morning.  Unfolding the note, she saw that James had made another appointment.  A small tingle of excitement tugged at her.  She shook it away, but couldn't stop the smile that was beginning to form on her lips.  After a few seconds she cursed herself for being so foolish.  She knew better by now than to allow someone to get under her skin.  He's just another test subject, nothing more!  She told herself as she started gathering her belongs to head home for a nice relaxing evening with a good book.  She tried fruitlessly not to think about the next time she'd see James again.  She growled at herself in frustration.  This is going to be a long four days!

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