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Friday, June 18, 2010

0 Encounter #52...continued...

[She held out her hand to him.  The right corner of her mouth twitched into a half smile.  He lifted his hand toward her, but stop an inch away from touching it and withdrew his hand.  He looked up at her; his brows drew in.]

Him:  I'm sorry.  This all just feels weird. 

[She looked at him without saying a word.]

Him:  Maybe we could just talk for a little bit.

[She rested her hand back on her lap, a small sigh escaping her as she did.  Then a inaudible laugh escaped her.  She shook her head and smiled, one that actually reached her eyes.]

Her:  We can talk.  But I warn you it has been a while since I had a normal conversation with someone.  I might be a bit rusty at the whole small talk stuff.
Him:  It's like riding a bike, it comes back to you pretty easily.  How about I start?

[She nodded.]

Him:  How long have you been doing this?
Her:  Wow.  I think it has been almost two years.
Him:  How many guys have you do it with?  Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that.

[She smiled.]

Her:  It's all good. would make 52, so 51.
Him:  51, exactly?

[She nodded.]

Him:  Any you know the exact number off the top of your head because...
Her:  Well, each of the sessions, as I believe you were told is recorded.  After each session, I transcribe what took place.  Before I 'do it' with a new person, I file all of the previous sessions and begin a new dossier.  Yesterday I started folder number 52.
Him:  What's in my dossier so far?
Her:  Your application, which includes your family history and your medical history. 
Him:  So you already know more than any of first date might.
Her:  Yes and no.  I don't really like to read all of that information up front.  I prefer to...
Him:  To...what?

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