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Thursday, April 15, 2010

0 Unexpected detour

He was cold.  His teeth chattered as he huddled in the corner of the cave far away from the entrance.  The storm had broken out unexpectantly and now he was stuck.  He had only planned on a short walk, but he had gotten so caught up in the scenary and the feel of fresh air in his lungs that he lost track of time.  By the time he had realized he had gone farther than he should have, the skies opened up.  He was drenched from head to toe in a matter of seconds.  Luckily he had remembered passing the cave a short time ago and had headed back toward it.  Unfortunately being out of the storm did not stop its effects on him. 

It had been over three hours and the heavens showed no signs of lightening up.  Fear of being trapped here in the cave crossed his mind too many times.  He rummaged through his pack and pulled out a granola bar.  Having not planned for such an event, there was little with to eat.  Another chill ran through him.  The fear of shivering to death entered his mind briefly before he shook his head at his stupidity.  Slowly he stepped away from the corner of the cave and took in his surroundings. 

All about the ground he noticed leaves and sticks that must have blown into the cave.  A sigh escaped his lips as he thought about how his father had tried to get him to join the boy scouts.  He had shrugged his father off enough times that eventually his father gave up.  There was a small part of him that now wished his father had pushed a little harder or at least taught him to never leave home with out a pack of matches.

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