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Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 my subconscious

I had a dream...
not all that unusual for me;
as an avid sleeper, I'm an avid dreamer.

my mother appeared to me...
echoing my recent thoughts; 
it's time I started focusing on my writing again.

it has been quite some time...
since I've wielded the written word;
since the juices last flowed out.

the words float to the surface...
refusing to assemble into functioning thoughts;
rather they push against me begging to be freed.

it is time...
if my dream is any indication;
that I have too long forgot myself...
it is time to begin creating myself once again.


  1. Words are all about creating a portrait of yourself...even if it be some surreal alter ego! I relate to these thoughts! Delightful!

  2. i like the message of the poem...i do think your writing has progressed much from here...of course that is why it is good to look back...and how cool if there is a glint of truth in this...